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Thank you for supporting our mission to serve the homeless, fatherless, and under-resourced communities in Memphis through your financial contribution.  We have several options provided for your giving preferences.

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Love Like Tricia

In May of 2013, Memphis lost a champion of Foster Care after a 12-year battle with cancer. That champion was Tricia Lillard. In life, Tricia’s passion was to help all children find a loving, permanent home. Agape is proud to honor this great servant of Memphis via our “Love Like Tricia” campaign. We honor Tricia and give continued life to the cause that so filled her spirit: that of children in need of a foster family.  In memory and spirit of Tricia, we are calling people to action to participate in the cause of these children. This is the same cause that is central to Agape’s vision and mission.

Tricia always said “yes”. When a child needed a home, she said “yes”.  When a homeless family needed support to keep their children out of foster care, she said “yes”.  And, when her daughter, Callie, asked her to help start a church ministry, she said “yes”, even while battling cancer.  All of Tricia’s  heart and hard work was in an effort to keep children in our community safe. So we are asking Memphis to say “yes”.  We are asking you to find a way to “Love like Tricia” and show God’s love to children in need of a temporary home.

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