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School-based Initiatives

Agape’s school-based initiative, Stars, is a partnership with Shelby County Schools and the Achievement School District (ASD) with private donor support and funding. The overarching goal of Agape’s school-based ministry is to identify and eliminate barriers to attendance and academic success both inside and outside of the classroom so children are in class and ready to learn.

  • Students who miss just 2 days of school per month are at risk of falling behind academically as compared to their peers.
  • Chronically absent students are 7.4 times more likely to drop out of school.
  • Economically disadvantaged children are 3 times more likely to be chronically absent in elementary schools than their non-economically disadvantaged peers.

meeting needs to keep students in school

The focus of Stars is to improve student attendance, behavior, and parental engagement, ultimately leading to academic achievement in schools throughout Shelby County and Frayser ASD schools. Agape staff, called Connectors, apply two primary interventions to address these challenges, promote student success, and maximize engagement at school. Connectors work directly with students and families to address outside needs by providing high fidelity, wraparound services.

Through Agape’s school-based initiative, Stars, children and families receive the support they need. Agape has a presence in some of our city’s most underserved areas including Hickory Hill, Raleigh, Frayser, and Whitehaven. Through Connectors who work directly with children and families, we have seen significant improvements – and those improvements have a positive ripple effect on the entire family.

  • The acceptable attendance rate in Shelby County is 57%; however, children served by Agape have acceptable attendance rates of 90-95%.
  • More than 70% of parents demonstrated an increased investment in their children’s academic outcomes by participating in school meetings and functions.
  • There is a significant decrease in office visits and behavioral issues with children served by Agape.
  • There is nearly a 10% performance increase in literacy and proficiency in math, science, and related subjects.