In what areas can I help provide
support for our community?

Area of Greatest Need

By giving to the area of greatest need, you will allow us to meet our mission to be a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to providing children and families with healthy homes.

Families in Transition

Providing housing, support, counseling, life skills, and much more to
at-risk and literally homeless families and their children, many of whom are fleeing domestic violence and abuse.

Community/School-based Services

Working with families and students to eliminate barriers to access by bringing hope and healing to families right where they live and by providing support in and out of the classroom.

Tricia Lillard Endowment Fund

Tricia Lillard was a champion for children who fostered nearly 30 children and adopted two as her own. Support for the Tricia Lillard Endowment Fund helps provide funding to serve more foster children and support for families who want to adopt.

Faith Formation & Engagement

Seeking to move people from awareness, to education, to engagement in the areas of healthy relationships, community clinical pastoral education, and Christian Community Development.

Counseling Services

Providing Christ-centered counseling services for individuals, couples, families, and groups who are experiencing relationship conflicts, life crises, or other issues.

Adoption/Foster Parenting Services

Providing love, encouragement, and hope to those who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, are considering adoption as an option, or are looking to adopt.


Our annual celebration of serving children and families in Memphis for over 50 years, and sharing the important work and progress that is occurring in support of our local communities.


Your gift is not only a meaningful way to honor or remember someone special; it’s a tremendous blessing to local families in our community.

Workforce Readiness

Promoting parent/adult self-sufficiency by addressing barriers to attaining education, employment and financial empowerment so that these families can experience success and find opportunities.

Kid’s Cup Golf Tournament

Our annual fundraising event providing critical resources to children and families that Agape Child & Family Services supports, to continue impacting families, leading people to God, and fighting poverty in surrounding communities.