Love Your Neighborhood speaks to our desire to encourage Memphians to lift children and families in need through unconditional love, the meaning of our agency’s name.

In fact, we recently launched a $6 million, 4-year campaign to allow us to deepen and expand our services to keep children and families safe, smart, and successful right here in Memphis.

keep us safe

Domestic violence accounts for more than 50% of the assaults that occur in Shelby County.

Many victims fleeing domestic violence are faced with homelessness. Through Agape’s Families in Transition program which serves homeless, pregnant and/or parenting women and their children, we served nearly 100 families in the past year. None of those families returned to homelessness and 100% of the children were promoted to the next grade. All of those fleeing domestic violence remained free from their abuser. Learn more about how FIT helps families on the road to self-sufficiency.

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keep us smart

Acceptable school attendance in Shelby County is 57%.

However, children served by Agape have acceptable attendance of 90-95%. Through our partnerships with local schools and agencies, our connectors work directly with children and families to effect just this type of positive change. Learn more about Stars, our school-based initiative that helps support children and families in order to enhance their education and their future.

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keep us successful

Memphis’ unemployment rate has increased to 8% – that’s almost double the current national rate.

Whether it’s a child in need of after-school tutoring or an adult in need of job readiness skills, Agape and its community partners are there with support and encouragement. In fact, it takes more than 1,800 volunteers to help reach those we serve. Learn more about how Agape helps keep children and families in Memphis successful.

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