Adoption Services

Agape offers adoption services to those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption as an option and also for those looking to adopt. If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption as an option for your child, we are here for you to provide love, encouragement and hope – without judgment.

How do we provide loving
homes for our children?

We welcome applications for adoptive families. We always strive to honor the wishes of our maternity clients to the highest degree possible. We are gratefully accepting applications and we have staff standing by to assist all families by walking through this process with them.

We encourage interested families to email Gina McNeil or call 901-323-3600.

Adoption FAQs

What services are available to me?
Agape Child & Family Services provides you with your own adoption case worker who will walk through the adoption process with you prior to placement and post-adoption.
Do I have to pay for any of these services?
No. All Agape’s services are available free of charge. The services we offer include pre-surrender counseling and support, adoption planning, post-surrender therapy, post-adoption support, and referrals.
What if I decide to parent?
That’s okay, too! We have a wide variety of resources and supports to empower you to parent if you choose to do so at any point in this process.
Do my parents have to know? Will you help me talk with my family about adoption?
Your adoption case worker will provide you with support as you share your adoption plans with your family, if you wish to do so.
If I start the adoption process, can I change my mind? How much time do I have?
In the state of Tennessee, you have the ability to change your mind at any time until three (3) days after you have formally surrendered your child in court. In the state of Mississippi, you have the ability to change your mind at any time until the moment that you formally surrender your child in court.
If my baby has special needs, is adoption still possible?
Yes. Children of all abilities and qualities are prayed for by adoptive families.
Can I have ongoing contact with the adoptive family and child?
If you wish to have a level of contact with the adoptive family and child, you and the adoptive family you choose may arrange a morally binding contact agreement detailing the level of contact each party wishes to uphold. You may also choose to enter into a PACA agreement, a legally binding semi-open agreement, with the adoptive family.
What counseling and support services do you provide before and after a child is adopted?
Agape Child & Family Services will provide you with ongoing counseling services as you move through the adoption process. After you have placed your baby for adoption, Agape also provides free clinical counseling for you.

Post Adoption

Memphis Family Connection Center is designed to support and serve anyone touched by adoption. Whether you are an adult adoptee, a birth parent, or an adoptive family, or are struggling through bonding or other post-adoptive issues, the team at MFCC will work to help your family heal.

Located at 815 N. McLean Blvd. in Memphis, MFCC provides connection-based, trauma-informed care to the Shelby County, TN adoptive, foster care, and special needs community. MFCC launched as an independent organization in the fall of 2018 after being a part of the Agape Child & Family Services offerings since 2014. We are proud to continue our partnership with this organization that provides holistic attachment-centered counseling, occupational therapy, speech therapy, calming techniques, nutrition plans, sensory care, resources, and educational support through the TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) model.

For more information on post-adoption services,
call 901-614-1902 or visit [email protected].

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